Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (or DEDE and previously called National Energy Office) had applied to be a CIGRE member since the year 1954 after taking into account that CIGRE activities would benefit Thailand in many aspects i.e. energy planning, generation, transmission, distribution, maintenance and industries concerned to electric power. As a member, Thailand, has been able to obtain and exchange the said experience with other members from more than 50 countries at that time. This is an appropriate way out to speed up achieving more experiences and knowledge with low risk. Furthermore, local electric problems were also presented for exchange and getting important point of views and suggestions from those foreign experts who contributed their expertise in CIGRE Session which has been holding every two years.

Later in 1972 National Energy Office realized that Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) and related sectors of Thailand were expanded widely and progressed rapidly much more than ever been in the past. So CIGRE activity participation seemed significantly useful for other power utilities, as well. The advantages of CIGRE membership were then publicized to several organizations. As a result, number of collective members was increased to be 10 (equivalent to 50 individual members) in Thailand which led to the approval and adoption by CIGRE, on the status of Thailand National Committee (TNC) since then, in the year 1974.

Thailand National Committee of CIGRE : TNC-CIGRE comprised of members or representatives from government and private sectors. While TNC has been promoting members in various interests such as

(1) encourage to submit papers for CIGRE Sessions and/or to attend CIGRE technical meetings

(2) nominate TNC representatives to be selected as members of Study Committees,

(3) support Thai experts to cooperate with Study Committee in order to follow up CIGRE&TNC’s news, and participate in events, activities including interesting issues of CIGRE Sessions,

(4) and also nominate representative to join Administrative Council as per CIGRE rules.