1. To co-ordinate with CIGRE Center Office and CIGRE member countries.
  2. To promote searching, disseminating and sharing of knowledge, experiences together with information about power generation, transmission, distribution, engineering, construction, equipment technology, control and protection system including safety, environment as well as renewable energy.
  3. To nominate TNC representatives to be selected as members of Study Committees and/or take part in CIGRE activities.
  4. To solicit and recognize new comers (universities, governmental and private sectors as well as other interested organizations) for the application on CIGRE membership.
  5. To support the technical issues, seek funding together with the request on sponsoring by CIGRE Central Office for holding the technical meeting in Thailand.
  6. To support activities of CIGRE and Asia-Oceania Regional Council of CIGRE (AORC-CIGRE).
  7. To appoint sub committees for proceeding any other activities as initiating by TNC.
  8. Other activities as assigned.